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What is TURN ON® Love Drink?

TURN ON® is an all natural carbonated beverage that promises to turn you on. It will stimulate your body, heighten your desire and your senses.

Does TURN ON® contain alcohol?

No! TURN ON® is completely free of alcohol and is made of all natural ingredients.

What does TURN ON® taste like?

 It tastes great! TURN ON® is a cherry flavoured drink. Its not too sweet and it has a smooth black currant aftertaste that will leave you wanting more.

How will TURN ON® effect me?

TURN ON® works differently for some people, but most people claim that they have a feeling of warmth and sensuality, a nice tingling sensation flowing through their body, an increased sexual energy and desire with a heightening of their senses and intensified pleasure. By drinking TURN ON® you will have a better feeling physically and psychologically, you will be be more sensitive to the touch and more aroused for play with your partner.

How does TURN ON® effect women?

TURN ON® will heighten the sensitivity in women as well as men. Places on your body that are normally sensitive and respond to touching and stimulation will feel a warm and more heightened sensitivity that will increase your pleasure all over.

How long will the effects of TURN ON® last?

TURN ON® kicks in within a few minutes of drinking it. The effects of TURN ON® will vary from individual to individual however most people feel the effects for a couple of hours, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the benefits with your partner.

How much TURN ON® do I need to drink to get the full effect?

Most people start to feel the effects of TURN ON® after drinking one can. But to get really TURNED ON drinking two cans promises to really heat things up.*

How many calories are in a can of TURN ON®?

In every can of TURN ON® there are only 138 calories. Enough to consume quickly without going flat, getting warm, or going to waste.

Can TURN ON® be mixed with other drinks?

TURN ON® is a great mixer. Try it with Vodka, Champagne, Rum or as a Martini or in a Mojito. Any one of these drinks are sure to spice up your night,

Will TURN ON® give me an instant erection?

TURN ON® is all natural and its special ingredients have been scientifically and medically proven to assist men suffering from impotence. TURN ON will heighten your senses, increase your libido and make you more turned on. As the warning on every can says “TURN ON® will AROUSE you!” However TURN ON® does not guarantee it will give you an erection


Is there caffeine in TURN ON®?

TURN ON® only has 60 mg of Caffeine in a single can. That is less that the equivalent of a standard cup of coffee.

How much sugar is in TURN ON®?

In one can of TURN ON® Love Drink there is the equivalent of about 2 teaspoons of sugar.

* USAGE - 2 cans max daily

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