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Lovers of New Drink Turn on the Charm

The name says it all—Turn On® Love Drink. On Thursday night the party people turned out in force to check out all the hype about the new drink that is taking America by storm is all that is cracked up to be. Billed as a modern-day aphrodisiac, the drink contains secret herbs and spices including maca, schizandra, ginseng, and gingko biloba with a dash of caffeine for good measure.

Potion Helps Love Take Off

CBS Late Show with David Letterman 

David Robinson knew when he discovered a "love potion online" he had to bring it to Australia. The Gold Coast entrepreneur was scrolling through Twitter when he saw posts about Turn On®, a popular enhancement drink in America and Europe. Within three days he found himself in the New York creator's office and three months later, the libido-increasing drink launched on the Coast.

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ABC News Tampa Segment

featuring Turn On®

FOX Miami News Segment

featuring Turn On®

HD Net TV Segment  featuring Turn On®

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