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Turn On®  Cocktails

A Unique Premium Adult Beverage for the Ultimate Pleasure

Ask your bartender for a Vodka TURN ON®

Customize Your Drink


“Turn It On”

One of Our Most Popular Drinks…

Premium Hennessy Cognac

and Turn On®!


“Turn On Cocktail”

Our Classic Cocktail Combines Grey

Goose Vodka, Turn On® and a Splash

of Citrus Flavored Soda.

“Passion Potion”

Not Your Average Drink. A Mix of Red Passion Fruit Alize, and Turn On®! Proven to Get Your Night Started!

“Turn On Cosmo”

Turn On® Love Drink, Grey Goose

Vodka, Grand Marnier,

and a Splash of Rose’s Lime,

and Cranberry Juice.

Shaken and Chilled to Perfection!

“Turn On Mojito”

A Smooth and Refreshing

Blend of Turn On® Love Drink,

Bacardi Rum, Squeezed Lime,

and Fresh Mint.

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